Monday, February 22, 2010

Telephone etiquette

Has anyone noticed lately the trend in telephone etiquette?

I've been privileged to witness some of the latest trends, those of which, I'm not sure that I will be able to adapt to using. I have compiled a list of my top 3 for your reading pleasure:

1) The bathroom use.

This use has become quite the norm in public restrooms. Not only is it distracting for those who use a restroom for it's intended purpose, it has the duel purpose of being annoying as well. I can't think of one circumstance in my life that I would feel that this would be appropriate. One might think that it would be acceptable if waiting for a call from a job interview, if a loved one was in the hospital, if a child was home alone or even an elderly parent. While these seem to have validity, I have yet to hear one instance of these types of occurrences. I am entertained in the most unlikely of venues with stories about ex-girlfriends showing up at the same club, hooking up with this guy they met at the coffee shop, neighbors that put their garbage can out too close to the curb, or conversations of love with a significant other. Is this stuff so earth shattering that it must be addressed while doing one's business?

2) The elevator use

Now from that, you must think that I'm pretty anal and maybe this one will actually grow on me eventually. It's just that the elevator is normally something the most people don't even talk in with other people, or at least, that's been my experience. There's an awkwardness that seems to be in the air when there is more than one person in an if you speak, you'll set off alarms. People tend to look down at the floor or stare straight ahead. I have actually seen people that upon hearing their phone ring, immediately scurry to hit the button to make it stop before putting it back in their pocket or purse, like they've been busted. However, I've noticed that there are a brave few that will answer it, or continue a conversation that was started before entering the elevator. I have also noticed that those who are not partaking in such activities regard them with great contempt and annoyance like they are using up the limited supply of oxygen that is on board.

3) The multi-tasking use

This is by far, my favorite. I am unable to withhold my disdane if I am speaking with someone and I am interrupted by a sudden laugh or shout about something that just happened on tv. Taking into consideration that I am not nearly as entertaining as a touchdown or a stand-up comedian, I am put off, to say the least, by the interruption. I could completely understand if a child is getting ready to eat dirt or if a pet is lifting his leg at the sofa...these things are what I would call, necessary interruptions. Relaying information about a census letter you just received in the mail or deciding to speak to the neighbors for 5 minutes about the moving van 3 house down is a little rude to me.

Maybe it's just me...

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